About us

The German Technologies

TGI – A German joint venture company incorporated in Year 1998 with facilities setup in Germany, Malaysia & China. We are leading towards the manufacturing of water analyzer and flow meters. We are formed as a system integrator engineering company by founder and partners with more than 20 years of field experience and background.

We are keeping pace with the rapid growth of modern technology to produce and provide product and services with innovative design, process method and solutions to meet every customer requirements. We ensure our capabilities and competencies will commit and provide the highest quality of services and solutions according to the demands of the current engineering businesses in every application industry.

We are in the midst of applying ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO/IEC 17025:2005, in which we highly enhance and strengthen the importance of customer focus by providing quality oriented product and services. Customer satisfaction is our priority to foster long-term and stable relationship and to build global brand recognition.

Aspire to produce global recognized product and implement system solutions to the environmental crisis and to be fast growing manufacture company in water work industries in ASEAN

- Our Vision -

TGI - We deliver Traiblazing product services, Genuine and finest quality of technology with In-complex solution to solve customer's complex problems

- Our Mission -

We Have

Complete Line of Water Analyzer System

TOC Analyzer | Ammonia-Nitrogen Analyzer | Total Phosphorus Analyzer | Total Nitrogen Analyzer | INSITU Analyzer | Extractive UV Analyzer | UV Analyzer | Heavy Meter Analyzer | Multii-Parameter Analyzer | TP Integration Analyzer | COD Analyzer | Total Lead Analyzer | Total Mercury Analyzer | Cyanide Analyzer | Fluoride Analyzer | pH Meter | DO Meter | Conductivity Meter | Turbidity Meter | Fluoride Meter | Chlorine Meter | Nitrate Meter | Flow Meter | Open Channel Flow Meter | Cloud Logger

We Offer

Technical Support

We are providing technical support and after-sales services such as installation, service repair, field commissioning to guarantee the quality assurance of every product and services supplied.

TGI Germany
TGI China
TGI Indonesia
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