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Our Products

[banner img=”wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TGI-DA1000.png” banner_link=”http://www.tgi-tech.com/portfolio-view/in-situ-dust-monitor-tgi-da100/” title=”Insitu Dust Monitor” text=”TGI-DA100 is an analyzer with the combination of transmittance and scattered light measurement, applicable for very low to high dust concentrations. It is suitable for highly fluctuating dust concentrations and also a reliable application due to its redundant measurement.” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”style_1″]
[banner img=”wp-content/uploads/2016/01/SA-720.png” banner_link=”http://www.tgi-tech.com/portfolio-view/in-situ-spectral-analyzer-sa-720/” title=”Insitu Spectral Analyser” text=”Insitu Spectral Analyser SA-720 is an online multi parameter spectrometer with smallest mechanical scale. Its stainless steel measuring head is saltwater proof and is applicable to withstand up to 11o °C. SA-720 can be open access to calibration and has integrated air pressure cleaning. SA-720 can be adjustable up to 99 parameters.” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”style_1 color_1″]
[banner img=”wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TSS120.png” banner_link=”http://www.tgi-tech.com/portfolio-view/tss-analyzer-tgi-120/” title=”TSS Analyser” text=”TSS Analyzer TGI-120 – A Water Analyzer Controller that provide digital sensor technology and covers Dissolved Oxygen, Total Suspended Solid, Liquid Density and Conductivity measurements. The controller is designed to provide ease of use and comfortable performance. With the digital sensor technology, it has became substantially easier for installation, commissioning, configuration and maintenance.” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”style_1 color_2″]

Contact Us

Richard-Lucas-Straße 6
D-41812 Erkelenz

E-mail: info@tgi-tech.com


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